Environmental Values

Did you know that the wedding industry is extremely harmful to the environment?

According to the Green Bride Guide, an average wedding produces 400 pounds of garbage and over 60 tons of carbon dioxide. And that’s just from one wedding! Multiply that number by the millions of weddings taking place every year, and you’re looking at billions of pounds of trash. There are many perks to eloping, and you can take comfort in adding environmental stewardship to the list. Take a look at how every member of our team practices environmental integrity.

Our participating florist, Olivia with Floravore, locally sources her blooms from farmers here in Washington. When shopping for a bridal bouquet, she advises choosing blooms that are in season to eliminate the need for out-of-season blooms that when shipped, put an unnecessary strain on our planet.

Choosing a consigned gown at Astraea Bridal limits the demand for new gowns to be made. The majority of wedding gowns are not made with environmental and ethical practices in mind: Most manufacturers use polyester or some other synthetic materials for their dress designs. Polyester is a petroleum-based material and is therefore made from carbon-intensive, non-renewable resources with harmful chemicals and carcinogens. The demand for and production of these resources are bad for the health of our planet and ourselves. Astraea Bridal offers beautiful and couture bridal attire a second life while reducing the environmental footprint of wedding fashion at the same time.

Sig Photography and Walters PNW Wedding are your day-of photographer and officiant. Emma and Becca are committed to practicing a “pack it in, pack it out” mentality, leaving each elopement site just as they found it, or better. Within six weeks of your ceremony, you will receive a private, downloadable digital gallery containing all of your images.

Our team hopes to inspire a change in the wedding industry where weddings evolve into eco-friendly events full of reuse, reduce, recycle, and, above all else, love.